Hi & welcome. I am so happy you are here!

I am a self-taught photographer and baker hailing from New Zealand, that charming little country nestled beside Australia. In 2019, during my parental leave and yearning for a creative outlet, I embarked on this blog. It became the perfect platform for me to showcase my love for cooking and all things scrumptious.

Tastefully Shay, my cherished side project, coexists harmoniously with my role as a devoted mother to three wonderful boys. Despite my familial responsibilities, I am wholeheartedly committed to pursuing my passion on a full-time basis.

Allow me to confess: my infatuation with food knows no bounds. Above all else, relishing delectable cuisine in the company of good friends is an experience that truly captivates me.

In my view, cooking ought to be an enjoyable endeavor, and recipes should exude simplicity and adaptability. Hence, on this blog, you will discover a delightful collection of easy-to-follow recipes that never compromise on flavor.

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